This site has been established by the Conch Heritage Network to provide information on queen conch biology, history, conservation, and research projects throughout the Florida and Caribbean region.

Explore the links above for information about the Conch Heritage Network, the history and biology of queen conch, descriptions of current queen conch research, conch in the classroom activities, and links to other conch sites.

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CONCH HERITAGE NETWORK INTERACTIVE MAP [ Flash required | Disable pop-up blocker ] - An interactive map of the Caribbean highlighting the queen conch status, research projects, and outreach activities for each country - sponsored by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Now Available!! "The Conch's Life Story" DVD. This is an updated version of our 5 minute video produced in 2001. The 15 minute DVD explores the history of the queen conch fishery, the biology of the animals, and the status of the queen conch today. It can be used in conjunction with our queen conch curriculum and is available in both English and Spanish. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of the DVD and be sure to fill in your mailing address.

Now Available!! Our "Conch in the Classroom" curriculum in Spanish.

Consulting Services - Interested in starting your own conch farm? Don't know where to start? Scientists from Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution can help you. With over 20 years of combined experience in conch husbandry techniques and the aquaculture industry, our expertise can be of great assistance.

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